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Ask Me Anything Sundays

This section lists the recorded AskMeAnything podcasts. A podcast where caller can ask me any question about my blog, passive income, experiences, and other related matters.

I want this section to be a free and open forum, where any one can join and not only ask but also share their experiences and maybe even reveal some tips and tricks of the trade.

I have a very technical background and have been working with computers since the early 80s when I took classes after school on ‘ancient’ IBM PCs with a monochrome green 14 inch display.

I have been working 9-to-5 for the past 22+ years and have reached the conclusion that this will not be the vehicle for me to reach financial freedom … EVER. So I started looking for side gigs. I am happy to report that I have discovered a few ways to make extra income and many, many ways which do not bring you a return of your investment ( time and effort ).

At this time I do have also some side income through android apps on the play store.


HOWTO JOIN THE LIFE EVENT: The live event will be streamed using YouTube Live.
Follow this link when the time comes closer

Add to Google Calendar : December 19 2021, 8:00am EST

Second Session : Sunday December 19 2021 at 8:00am EST


Topics: April review, COVIC-19, Pinterest, Tailwind, SmartLoop, Blogging, Marketing, Advertising … more ?

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