Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

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You came to this blog looking to make money online. Well here is a great way for you to get started.

Become an affiliate of Make Money Online For Life right now

Earn $10,- through PayPal right now if you sign up today and submit your first blog entry which will be accepted.

Stop spending countless hours setting up hosting, creating your word press blog, do social marketing and create a following. We have done that already and we are going to continue doing it for and with you.

What is this program and what can you expect ?

  • Affiliates are authors which write blog posts and earn money in one of two ways
    1. earn through AdWords ( Other advertisers networks may be requested and pending acceptance )
    2. earn a percentage of this blog. Yes you read that right you can earn as much as we as a percentage of the monthly revenue we generate.

You can also expect support and help with your articles. We are here to help you grow. This affiliate program will allow you to get your feet wet with blogging, as long as the article is related to earning money online.

Here are the rules

  • Your blog post must be unique and you have to have 100% of the rights to it for us to publish it
  • Your blog post must be at least 1000 words and contain at least 3 images ( one should be the header image )
  • Your article has to be accepted and published on Make Money Online For Life
  • You can include up to three links to your site or social media profile
  • Please include a brief bio with your headshot
  • You agree to promote the guest post on your website and social media platforms once it’s live

If you chose to monetize your blog post through AdSense or other advertising providers ( TPA ) :

  • We will check your post to make certain it was written by yourself and is not copied from another site.
  • We will make certain that all links from you post follow our guidelines and do not constitute a back link scam.
  • We will insert your ad-sense code into the blog for you
  • We retain the right to remove your blog post at any time if we find you in violation of any of our guidelines.
  • Likewise, you have the right to ask for the removal of your contents from our site at any time.

If you chose to monetize your blog post through revenue sharing ( TPS ) :

  • We will provide monthly income reports for this blog to everyone of our affiliates through email
  • We will calculate the earned revenue by the following formula : MI = TR / ( TPS – TPA )

MI = Your Monthly Income
TR = Total revenue of the Make Money Online For Life blog
TPS = Number of total blog posts with > 600 words and at least 3 images
TPA = Number of blog posts which utilize the AdSense monetization scheme

For example if our blog earns 12.000,-$ in one month and there is a total of 100 valid blog posts with 20 of them using AdSense monetization. Lets say you contributed 5 such posts, then you can expect to get a payout of 12000 / ( 100 – 20 ) * 5 = $750,- for that month from us. Better yet, if we grow, so does your income grow.

How and when do you get paid :

We will submit the money to you once your account accumulated equal or more than $10,-US.
Payment is done through PayPal.