Uncommon ways to make extra money

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12 unique ways to make extra money

There are many blog posts out there which talk about ways to earn a little extra income on the side.

I found that most of these blogs talk about the same strategies, apps and web sites. There’s are the apps like SwagBucks, then there are the secret shopper, the credit card savings, as well as taking surveys like survey junkie or writing an eBook. These are not the bad suggestions but there is more you can earn with your time and effort. Another often played song is to start a blog or do affiliate marketing. These strateghies may work after a few years of going after them hard and spending all of your time and energy on them before you can earn some additional income.

The US minimum wage is around the $10,- mark. Earning a similar return for your time from the comfort of your home beats standing in a Mac-Donalds and being yelled at by hungry customers  and your boss. Most of the suggestions below are not full-time opportunities but will allow you to add a little extra spending money to your account. If you are focused however and you want to work from home, there are opportunities out there for you. So please read on.

Here is a list which expands on the possibilities to make extra money with a faster turn-around and in general with a higher payout.

ClickWorker ( $8/h to $20/h)

ClickWorkers is a website offering a crowd-sourced platform  for micro-work. In other words it is similar to fiverr but in order to join, you have to be at least 18 years old. You will have to go through a small assessment questionnaire online before you can be assigned any real task.

Tasks can include Categorizing data and web sites, Online research, surveys, Writing product descriptions, Proofreading, etc. You can also complete some of the tasks through the iOS, or Android app which makes it perfect for anyone who is a lot on the road or at airports.

Your average income varies by your experience and can be between $8,- and $11,- This rate could go up to $20,- per hour for certain tasks.

FluidStack ( $5/Month to $50/Month )

So you have a fast gaming PC but most of the day you are in school or at work. Well, let the PC do some work and earn a passive side income by making its resources available to FluidStack.

FluidStack aggregates your computers into a distributed cloud, accelerating content delivery, scientific research, and enterprise computing platform. Depending on the available resources ( multiple PCs ) you can earn up to $50,-per month. However always consider the security factor when you rent out your Castle of Information ( PC ).

They even give you a guarantee : “We guarantee a payment between $5-$50 per month. We pay $10 per 100Mbps, so if you have a 200Mbps speed, we pay you $20 per month.

The minimum requirements on your hardware are fairly small by todays standards. You need a Windows desktop computer with at least a 2.5 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GBs of RAM, and a fast internet connection (>10Mbps).

PublishOx ( $0.00 to $50.00 per article )

Crypto-currencies are a strange world. It is a place where sometimes things seem to good to be true but some opportunities turn out to be real. One of those nuggets is the web site PublishOx.com. They offer a program where you can tip your favorite author on the site and decide how much of the tip you want to assign to them vs keep for yourself.

So far they have spent over $12.500 on tips with over 27000 people participating. So you can earn either by reading articles or by writing articles for the site. While you may not get rich doing this it is a fabulous way to earn some extra money online. For the ‘marketing’ money Publish0x spent on this, they attract a steady readership to their site. Now this is advertising money wisely spent. After all, I am blogging about Publish0x right ?

As with most crypto rewards, Publish0x has their very own which you can view here. But you may be mistaken if you think this is worthless. Take a look on the Publish0x-popular-page and you can see how much certain articles brought in for the author. From that amount you can get an idea of how much a reader could bring home. From the chart it does not look like much but it could skyrocket any day. Your minimum withdrawal amount has to be $0.50.


If you are unsure about Cryopt-currencies and you want to learn more about them you can find some good information through The Ulitimate Guide For Beginners.

Steemit ( $0.00 to $20.00 per blog post )

Steem is another crypto currency and you can earn money through a couple of different actions on the steem platform. For bloggers you can install the steempress – plugin for WordPress, and automatically publish your blog on the steemit-platform when you publish a new post onto your blog. How much you can earn depends on the virality of your post. You can see some good examples on the steemtrending – page.

Officially, steem is a blockchain based social media platform. Steemit is the actual social media site which is one of the applications of steem.

When you look at the steem-chart you can either go to the STEEM, and the STEEM-DOLLAR charts. The difference between the two is that steem is your standard crypto currency, while steem-dollar is pegged against the US-Dollar and should always be worth around $1.00. As you can see from the chart below, that has not happened in some time and SBD has been as high as $22.00 and as low as $0.48.

Respondent  ( $50 to $250 per survey )

Respondent is a survey site with one major difference to all of the other survey sites out there. If you get assigned a survey you can earn $100,- to $250,-. The focus is one-on-one consumer research studies and focus groups, both in-person and/or online. Average survey time is around 30 minutes but can be as long as 60 minutes for the higher payout surveys. This site has payed out over $11Million so far to respondents.

In order to join you have to be at least 18 years old and most of the surveys center around the US and US-residents.

User Interviews ( $20 to $150 per survey )

User Interview

Very similar to Respondent, it offers a high value survey income on average $100,- per survey. The surveys can be done over the phone or in 1-on-1 sessions. Offerings include $125 to test a travel app for one hour, or sharing your opinion on streaming services for $40,- for 30 minute of your time.

Fieldwork ( $50 to $200 per session )

This one is another good choice if you want to make extra money. Fieldwork offers world-class market research services. As such they require people willing to participate in surveys. They are looking for people who can come to one of their 14 offices around the country ( USA ) and conduct on-site focus groups. Compensation starts at $75,- for a 1 to 2 hour sessions but can be higher than $200,- for longer sessions.

FocusGroup ( $60 to $250 per survey )

Focus GroupsEverything I just wrote down for Fieldwork can also be said for FocusGroup.com. They have 19 sites throughout the US where focus groups are being held. You can see their available focus group sessions here. These surveys offer up to $250,- for surveys over the phone for such things as Food Products, Pet Ownership or Business Professionals.

Neevo ( approx. $15/h to $20/h )

There are a lot of false statements about Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) online. One concern is that AI may take away your job in the not-so-distant future. Here is a great way to reverse this equation and make some extra money online by training an AI.

Neevo needs you to help train their AI and is willing to pay you for your services. The tasks are pretty simple and on average take about 12 seconds to complete. Examples include drawing bounding boxes around objects in pictures, identifying key people, places, and things in text, and transcribing snippets of recorded audio and many other micro tasks.

The pay is great and if you have a few hours to spare you may want to chip in and cash out.

Unbabel ( $8/h to $18/h )


Unbabel is a new kind of online translation service that provides human quality translation at 1/5th the going rate. Internationalization is the easiest way to get new customers.”. With that sales pitch to their clients you can expect a lower payout per translation. When you first sign up you will have to pass a test exam to show that you can help translate texts.

Translation ratings are partially based on the speed of the translation

Honorable mentions:

Here are two more ways to make extra money online. I could not find any information on the potential payout for Translate.com but wanted to list them here as well to show that there are more possible options available. The other one is Amazon which is looking to fill mostly full time positions with remote option.

Translate.com ( ??? )

This site offers translation services in multiple forms. One of their offerings is through a human translator, which is where you come into play. Tasks include translating blog posts, social media posts, support tickets, web sites, etc. Just like the previous translation service you will have to go through a test for the system to validate your abilities to translate the text before you get real tasks assigned.

You can work anytime and from anywhere, but beware that tasks are given on a first come first served basis. Accordingly, you can get paid anytime you wish through PayPal.

If you have experience  with Translate.com then please comment below.

Amazon Jobs ( Varies, mostly full-time-pay )


This one is not so much about “ways to make extra money online” but more about “how to work full time from home“.

Why would I bring up jobs posted by Amazon here as an option ? Simply because they are looking for certain tasks to be performed from the comfort of your home. On this site you can select the Category [Work From Home]. Most of the jobs are actually full-time jobs and a lot of them will also require some on-premise, or on-customer work. As with all full-time jobs you will have to go through a standard job-interview and be qualified for the offerings.

If you wanted to get to work for Amazon but are not in an ideal location to commute every day, then you should definitively check out these openings.

More ways to make extra money

Please let us know in the comment section below if you now of more ways to earn extra money online.

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